Thanksgiving Skillet Cornbread.

Lately is seems as if every time I write a blog post it is a change of season. The last time I wrote it had just changed from summer to fall . Suddenly fall is here and it is Thanksgiving. But what a fall it has been. I have had some great adventures the last few weeks. I started school, I’ve winterized the garden and I went to the Yukon for my sisters birthday where my sister and Mom took me on my first helicopter ride! Needless to say with all this activity this poor little blog has been sadly neglected. But, with a long weekend upon me and only one exam looming I decided that needed to change.

The magical view from the helicopter!

The magical view from the helicopter!

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Fitness Friday Veggies.

Over in the twittersphere different days of the week have different themes.  Wordless Wednesday.  Fitness Friday.  You get the idea.  So as it is Friday, here is a bit of a repost from my Fitness Newsletter in case you missed it.

Summer is barbeque season.  Too often though the barbeque doesn’t get much vegetable love.  As gardens and markets are starting to explode with fresh produce now is the time to experiment!

Perfect for a party you can prepare the vegetables ahead of time and have them ready to go straight into a specialized grill pan, on a skewer or straight onto the grill. Grilled vegetables are great served on their own or tossed together as a salad with a light vinaigrette served warm or cold. Cook extra. They are great the next day to add to a breakfast burrito or in a quinoa or pasta picnic salad!