Potluck beet, blueberry & collard salad.

Potlucks. Do you love them or hate them? My feelings are mixed. In some ways they make things easier – you don’t have to cook as much, there is less clean up and there are more options for picky eaters. But, it is also possible to end up with a table full of desserts or five macaroni salads. So what’s a girl to do? How do you decide what to bring?

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Post holiday thoughts.

Holiday season proper is over and I confess I’m a bit sad.  I love the holidays.  The decorating, the chaos, the shopping, the cooking….pretty much all of it.  Whether you celebrated Christmas, lit candles for Hanukkah, celebrated another religious time or perhaps just enjoyed a bit of time off from the daily grind, I hope you had a wonderful one. Mine was great.  There was all the usual.  The parties, the turkey, the indulgences (eek – that’s another blog!) but to be fair it was the little things that really made it special.

It was the rose blooming in my garden two days before Christmas.

The funny little tableau of cookie cutters left for me by my husband on an especially busy day.

The quirkiness of the cats on Christmas morning.

Audrey - ready for her closeup?

The non-family family Christmas dinner that actually had real family this year too – Hi Mom!

The "place rock" I've had since my first holiday meal at a friends house in Vancouver.

The walk we took on the last day of 2011 to say thank you for the year past and to make dreams for 2012.

And oh, so much more.

There are lots of changes coming in 2012 (some are already well underway), but while those posts wait to get written, thanks to all of you you helped make the small (and big) moments special last year.  I wish you all well for what is ahead.

Happy new year friends.