1.  Are those really all your recipes?

Sort of.  I don’t pretend to be an endless supply of original thought.  I definately read a lot of cookbooks, blogs, magazines and websites.  I promise to do my best to credit any and all links.  Sometimes though, especially with recipes, it might be an amalgamation of several that I have read.  Please let me know if I messed up and even better, if you like the person or site I linked to go and let them know!

2. Sometimes you say organic, sometimes you don’t.  What’s the scoop with your recipe assumptions?

Unless otherwise specified the following will hold true for all recipes:

  • Fruits and vegetables will be local and organic whenever possible.
  • Eggs are large, free range and organic.
  • Butter is organic and unsalted.
  • Oil is olive (I will not use EVOO for short!).
  • Flour, tea, coffee, rice and every other dry ingredient will be organic.
  • Measurements will be approximate.  I’m a big believer in the amount “just enough”.

When I say my Moms recipe, it really is!  But, I can’t promise she didn’t get it from someone else or from one of the myriad of cookbooks she owns.

3. Do you really take those pictures?

Yes.  Yes I do (sorry!).  Someday I may be lucky enough to convince a talented photographer friend of mine to let me use some of hers.  Until that day they are all mine.  I do not have a fancy camera.  In fact I use my iphone (and the fancy apps that let bad photographers occasionally take a decent shot) and my even fancier red Canon PowerShot SD780 IS.  For the record, I think the fact that it is red helps my picture taking ability.

Please don’t take advantage of the lack of fanciness though.  If by some chance you are a worse photographer than I and want to use a photo.  Please give credit and link back to me.

4. Your post was brilliant!  May I pass it on?

Why thank you and of course!  Again, please give credit where credit is due.  Don’t edit my words and please link back to me.

5. What makes you an expert?

I’m not. I do not pretend to be a doctor, nurse, chef, registered dietician, naturopath or other healthcare professional certified by a National governing body. I have a BA in Sociology and am a Certified Personal Trainer who has taken a multitude of courses on health and nutrition. I am passionate about real food but am not an expert. I encourage everyone to do their own research, form their own opinions and take my thoughts and advice with a grain of salt (pun intended).

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