Foodie PenPal – the January edition

Have you ever missed something, but not noticed that you missed it until you had it back? Well, so it was for me with the Foodie Penpal program. Those of you who have been around for awhile will know exactly what that is, for you fabulous newcomers scroll down further for all the details. After a lengthy hiatus from the program I decided it was time. This month I got to exchange food packages with Kim from Toronto. As always, I had a great time prepping a package for her, but the coming home in the middle of a week filled with exams and papers to find a parcel waiting was amazing.

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Foodie PenPals.

It seems hard to believe but it has been two months since I last wrote about one of my favourite things – the Foodie Pen Pal program. I came home one horrible rainy day to discover the hiatus was over. Because there, like a bit of sunshine, was a package from my new Pen Pal, Mo. Happy day! As you all know, to me one of the most exciting things about being a foodie pen pal is the opportunity to meet other like minded people. Mo is no exception. I’ve been having a great time reading through her blog, Not a Coupon Queen, and I’m sure you will too. Make sure you check it out.

Love the candy box!

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Penpals, presents and new friends.

As you get older it’s hard to make new friends. (sorry kids – it’s the truth). People get busy with jobs and families, friends move, free time lessens. Many will argue that with all our technology people are becoming even more isolated. We text rather than pick up the phone, we email rather than write a letters, we use abbreviations (IMHO) and speak in 140 character soundbites. I can’t disagree. But this past month I made two new friends. And I made them with the most fabulous combination of old school and new school communication methods. I saw a post on twitter, exchanged a few emails, wrote a letter, mailed a box and got a different box back.

In short, I got two penpals!

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