About Me

Why mostlynoodles?

I blame it all on dance classes. I used to take a lot of them. So did my sister. It meant that my parents did a lot of driving. Consequently it also meant that at least once a week we had spaghetti. The good old fashioned tomato meat sauce with white noodles kind. Looking back I realize how great my moms homemade sauce was. Then, my common refrain when being served dinner was “okay, sure….but mostly noodles….”. I think I even wrote a play about it… This little blog is about the things I want for dinner. Not necessarily the things I should have for dinner.

Who am I?

My name is Meghan. I’m just your average Canadian girl. Married, 2 cats, certainly not 30 but not old enough to retire either. I have a deep love of books, musical theatre, and entertaining. I am developing a great passion for cooking and gardening. Lets just say though that, thus far, my passion out weighs my skills in those departments!

Why a blog?

In my real life I used to have a newsletter that went out to family/friends/clients. It had a few recipes and some nutrition and training tips. For some funny reason people seemed to like it. This is my little experiment to see if the newsletter can grow up.

5 thoughts on “About Me

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