Tomatoes. They’re sooooo good.

When I was a kid my Mom, as most moms do, drove me crazy. As soon as tomato season started every time she would bite into a tomato, and I mean every time, she would swoon. Really. Not just get a bit excited, but the “do you need smelling salts’ kind of swoon. She would take one bite and in a fit of slight rapture she would exclaim “oh….. this is sooooooo good”. “Yes Mom, we know. They are good.” we would say. “No.” she would say, ” but these are SOOOOOOO good”. Sigh. As a teenager it was mortifying.

tomato plantThen I grew up. I tasted the big box grocer excuse for a tomato and I had to set mortification aside. I had to admit how right she was and how much I have always loved the tomato. Summer actually isn’t summer without a fresh from the garden tomato. Even when I was going through my silly no-carbs phase the start of tomato season meant one thing, a tomato sandwich. Humble, fresh cut toasted white bread, a smear of mayonnaise, a couple massive slices of tomato, a small taste of extra aged white cheddar and a sprinkling of sea salt and pepper. Divinely transporting. Swoon worthy in fact. As I take that first crunch every summer and the tomato juice drips off my chin all I can think is one thing. Life is good.


Predictably, as with most things, every summer I go a little overboard. I find an excuse to eat a tomato sandwich variant at least once a day. With a bagel for breakfast, piled high with avocado and greens for lunch or as a tartine for dinner. And, of course, (and really, can you trust someone who doesn’t want this?) a breakfast-for-dinner BLT.

Tomato bagel

So at least once before tomato season is over, please, for the sake of your sanity, find a beautiful farm fresh tomato, grab your bread of choice (gluten free, dairy free, made by angels – honestly, it doesn’t matter, just pick your favourite), put a schmear of mayo/ pesto/cream cheese/cashew cream/chevre/tapenade or hummus on the bread and top it with a few gorgeous thick cut slices of tomato. Open faced, layered, toasted, grilled or plain. With cheddar, brie, blue cheese, pepper, sea salt, truffle salt, pimento, smoked peppers, arugula, lettuce, bacon, roast chicken or sprouts, the options are endless. Just build yourself your version of perfect tomato sandwich. Let the juice drip, breathe, and remind yourself summer is short, that you might not be the jaded teenager anymore but that life is good.

Then, when you’ve wiped off your chin, convinced yourself you’re an adult and really don’t need to make one more, join me in apologizing on behalf of teenagers everywhere. Dear Mom, I’m sorry. You were, and are, right. There is not much better than a fresh tomato. They are soooooo good.

Open face tomato sandwich


11 thoughts on “Tomatoes. They’re sooooo good.

  1. As the first sandwich picture scrolled into view, I actually said ‘oh my god’ out loud. It looks sooo good!! Yes, I swooned. And yes, she was right! Please ship me some of your yummy garden tomatoes!

  2. Agreed! I JUST made fresh biscuits and piled them with bacon, egg and thick slices of red and green tomatoes with just a smear of mayo and a sprinkle of kosher salt. Life is a pretty sweet fruit.

  3. Mmm lovely. My most memorable meal as a child involved a juicy tomato in Greece. Everyone else in the house was taking siesta – I never did that well – and I grabbed a tomato, some feta and rustic homemade bread. I was probably 9 or 10 years old, but remember the taste of that tomato like it was yesterday.

  4. I love tomatoes too – especially ones I miraculously grew myself – what are the chances? And the BLT yes is easily in the top 5 of sandwiches of all time. There with the ruben, the vietnamese bahn mi, the croque monsieur, and the monte cristo. Awesome post again mostly noodles!

  5. Just the other day my mom had a small tomato on her windowsill and she tried to get me to try it. She kept telling me it was “so good, I had to try it.” It was so funny to read your piece and see me in it. PS. I had a toasted tomato for breakfast.

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