The Circle of (a Pumpkins) Life.

When I’m in the kitchen I almost always have music on. Usually it is CBC Radio, but often, especially if I have the house to myself, it is showtunes. I love musical theatre. I love being in it and I love listening to it. I have so many great memories attached to different shows and the reminders they bring of friends and different times in my life. Now, I’m sure many of you have had the experience where you press that funny little genius button on your computer and you get a playlist of songs, some of which you don’t even remember owning. So the other day it was no surprise when, in the midst of cooking, a showtune started playing on my computer. As I was slicing up a pumpkin on came songs from the Broadway musical The Lion King (yes, the stage version not the movie). Singing along at the top of my voice about life and the circles it has I looked down at the pumpkin and thought yes it’s true. Life is a circle. So let me tell you a little bit about the circle of one pumpkins life.

In the darkness of winter it started as a seed in my back porch.

It grew and was eventually planted outside where it was watched by many. It is said it takes a village to raise child, well this pumpkin became this neighbourhoods child.

It turned green and continued to grow. Everyday it was a joy to go to the garden and check in. Many times we were heard to say “I swear it got bigger overnight!”. And it did get bigger.

And then it started turning colour and I could look out in the morning and see children on their way to school stopping to see what it looked like that day, and then again on their way home to see if it had changed.

Only 5 days later!

It became an iridescent shade of orange and it was protected from neighbourhood predators. Pictures were sent to people who wanted to see how “their” pumpkin was doing.

But as with most things the time came for it to move on. So on a sunny Thanksgiving weekend, surrounded by kids we picked the pumpkin. We brought it inside and we debated. Is this our Halloween pumpkin or do we eat it? Eventually it was decided it would become this years jack o’lantern.

And so it did. It was carved, its seeds were roasted and enjoyed, and then, with a candle inside of it, it welcomed the neighbourhood children as they came up the stairs on All Hallows Eve.

If there is a circle of life, I would say this pumpkin lived a good one.

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