Grilled summer fruit.

As I write this it is early morning and I’m sitting on my back porch with a coffee. The sun is creeping its way over the trees, the birds are singing and the garden is still dripping from the dew. I may change locations soon but only to get a fresh peach for breakfast, weed the garden and plot my next preserving adventure.

It’s summer and the livin’ is easy.

The past few years we have been away during part of the summer and my husband and I looked at each other a few days ago and said “we are never going away again in August. It’s way too nice here”. Deal. Other people, however, seem to travel in August. Our house has had tons of guests this summer. Family, friends, and neighbours. There have been sleepovers, breakfasts, bocce, outdoor parties and cocktails. I love it. Entertaining is so incredibly simple when it is nice out. The house doesn’t need to be dusted and people are quite happy to hang around as dinner is cooked on the barbeque.

I find it great fun to attempt to cook every single part of a meal from local ingredients and on the grill. Especially dessert. It so much easier than winter desserts that demand planning, and measuring and baking. All I do is grill fresh, seasonal fruit. It looks fancy, and thanks to the carmelization of the sugars that occur it is oh, so very, very good.

Simply take your favourite summer fruit. Give it a good wash and leave them in a bowl of cold water until ready to go. When ready to grill, cut the fruit in, the most appropriately directional, half and place on a clean grill cut side down. Try not to move them until they the sugars have carmelized and sealed in the juices so as not to have them fall apart.

Serve them warm with ice cream, greek yogurt, whipped cream, a fancy sauce of your own concoction, a bit of sparkling wine, liqueur or beautifully and simply all on their own. If you (bizarrely), have some left over rough chop them and serve them the next day in a salad of fruit, herbs, seeds and feta.

Summer perfection.

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