Simple summer blueberry sipping.

I’m a summer girl. There is no way around it. Summer is my season.

To be fair, fall clothes suit me better, but when the sun is high in the sky and the days are sticky and long, I’m at my best. The most me.

The other day I realized that I get more done in one hot afternoon than I do in a week of cold weather. Heck, if I lived somewhere that was warm full time I would probably be unbearable because I’d be the most insufferable achieving optimist.

Summer just makes being happy so simple.

As I’ve gotten older nothing has really changed. As a kid I loved summer. Even today, just the smallest whiff of pina colada sun tan lotion and I’m immediately transported back to days of of neon sweatshirts (spare me, it was the 80’s), swimming in neighbour’s pools, ice cream and french fries at the beach, friend’s cottages, jet skiing, summer theatre, and late night outdoor conversations with friends when we thought we would conquer the world.

Days had such a great rhythm. An energetic morning rolling over into the stupor of a hot afternoon and then reenergizing as the day turned into a sultry evening.

I live on the West coast now, and don’t get me wrong I love it. But wow do I miss those sweltering humid days followed by hot summer nights. I can close my eyes, and with almost no effort, be transported back to those storybook days. Driving home from summer theatre with the windows open, radio on (mostly showtunes or true Canadiana – think the Cowboy Junkies, Blue Rodeo, The Skydiggers), and the scent of sun kissed skin and tanning lotion in the air. It was impossible to think life could get any better.

Summer isn’t what it used to be. These days gardening clothes suit me better than a bikini, I (try to) have salad over fries and it rarely if ever gets hot-hot where I live. But that doesn’t mean summers aren’t good. They are just different. I guess that is what growing up is all about.

But, however fleetingly, summer does, occasionally, remember to show up in Vancouver. When it does, it is gorgeous. It becomes so easy to forget the dark, cold and rainy days that encompass us for so many, many months.

Summer is still so easy to love.

Watering the garden in the still quiet of the morning, swimming at the local pool for exercise, meals enjoyed out in the yard.

No lists. No plans. No agenda.

It really is just the simple things that make this summer girl smile.

Happy summer.

A Simple Summer Sipper


  • frozen blueberries (or strawberries, or raspberries or watermelon or peaches, or nectarines….)
  • soda or sparkling water


Simply take your frozen fruit and drop in a glass filled with your chosen liquid.
As the “ice cube” gently melts you’ll be filled with a taste of summer.
And don’t try and be virtuous. This works as well (if not better) with some sparkling wine, prosecco, lemonade or a drop of vodka.

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