Hoppy Easter.

This is weekend of religious celebration.  It doesn’t matter to me (and shouldn’t matter to anyone else either) if you celebrate Easter, Passover, something else or nothing at all.  I hope your weekend is filled with activities that renew your spirit, celebrate spring, your many blessings and the people in your life.

I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for holidays.  Growing up Easter was always a wonderful holiday with my family, real and extended.  Sure there was the egg decorating, Easter bonnets and bunnies, but what always really excited me was a new book.  My love of reading goes back as far as I can remember and for my sister and I Easter always meant something new to read from the Easter bunny.  Many of those books are still on my shelf.

This weekend I will be making sure that I take some quiet time to reread a few of my childhood books in a patch of springtime sunshine.  I will be gardening and I will be taking walks.  I will also be fortunate enough to prepare meals for family and friends. Nothing fancy, just simple, springtime food.

What will you be doing to relax and celebrate this weekend?

Good Friday Menu

Barbequed sirlion bistecca (recipe Earth To Table )
Barbeque roasted cippolini onions
Truffle mashed cauliflower
Simple steamed asparagus
Salad of dandelion greens and cress

Easter Dinner Menu

Maple & whiskey glazed ham
Colorful gratin dauphinois (recipe from La Tartine Gourmande )
Minted garden carrots
Steamed nettles with lemon

Happy spring my friends.

2 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter.

  1. Oh, those weathered books make me so happy. Love how the Canuk reread American pioneers stories, while this Yank rereads Anne’s PEI adventures. Easter menu: neighbor potluck and Easter Eve egg hunt.

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