A word can make all the difference.

“Manzo or cavallo?”  These were the words directed at my husband as he ordered bresaola at the butcher in Morciano, Italy.  Now before you run grab your translation dictionary let me help you out.  Cow or horse.  Hmmm.  Not a choice I usually get from Ed my local butcher.

This was in the baby food aisle!

Now while I know some of you may shudder at either choice, I am pleased to say that he chose the cow.

So, with that cleared up, lets talk about Bresaola.  I admit it, I’m addicted. Thankfully it isn’t that easy to obtain here in Vancouver (neither for that matter is horse.  But that’s a different blog).

In Italy however this salted, air dried cured beef from the top inside round is quite easy to find.

If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out.  Search it out at your local butcher.  It is perfect and easy to make as an appetizer or a light summer meal (especially after a day on your cavallo!).  Simply place the bresaola on a plate, squeeze some fresh lemon overtop and garnish with some shavings of fresh parmesan.  For a bit more of a meal place on a bed of arugula.  Enjoy.

And please, if you’re brave enough to try the cavallo bresaola let me know.

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