Pumpkin, noodles & dreams.

Awhile ago I took a cooking class at The Dirty Apron Cooking School .  It was the second class I’d taken there and aside from having nightmares about sauces (not kidding… it was bad…. the nightmare that is, not the sauce!) it was amazing.  My brain was positively exploding from all the information.  To be honest I kind of felt like I had never been in a kitchen before in my life.  Until we hit pasta.  Then, not surprisingly, I found my happy place.

I made tortellini.  They were quite tasty.

Now I can’t stop dreaming about making pasta in my own kitchen.  I’ve been stockpiling ideas like crazy.  Then, in my garden I saw this….

A pumpkin blossom.  Now I’m dreaming of fresh pumpkin puree, stuffed in fresh ravioli.  What are you dreaming of?

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin, noodles & dreams.

  1. Thank you for so quickly forgiving Kai and I when we “poked” at your pumpkin, and knocked it off its plant. After reading this post, I’m especially sorry for our clumsy walk about your garden. It really is beautiful.

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