Kitchen things I love

As I write this I have no kitchen.

Anyone who has ever done a renovation of their kitchen knows, big or small, it’s rather annoying.  The dirt, the mess, the chaos.  All the time spent planning the kitchen, barbequing, getting takeout and depending on the culinary skills of friends  (thanks friends – paybacks are guaranteed!) has provided me with plenty of time to think about what makes my dream kitchen.

Here is my list.

… Friends, new and old.

… Cookbooks.

… Condiments, spices, oils and vinegars.

… Cats underfoot.

… Music in the background.  Especially showtunes.

… Candles at night and flowers all the time.

… Open bottles of wine.

… Smelly cheese in the fridge.

… The simple little food spatula that means I don’t spill as much on the floor when cooking.

… The Le Creuset pot we were given as a gift many years ago.

… The funny old pot holders that my Great Aunt made for me.

… The weekend crossword sitting there waiting for the next brave soul.

… The smell of cooking garlic.

… Fresh herbs in pots.

… The doorbell ringing as more friends arrive.

Hmmm… Maybe I didn’t need to renovate after all….?  What is in your dream kitchen?

3 thoughts on “Kitchen things I love

  1. I love friends, wine, beer, garlic and onions cooking, the colours yellow and blue and a clean fridge (not clean of food, just clean of food spills).

  2. What’s in my dream kitchen?
    My sister & her creativity,
    My mom & her traditions,
    My dad & his spices,
    A window above the sink, preferably with a view above ground level!
    Pictures of family on the fridge,
    Oh yeah, and cheese, wine, bread, wild meat, garlic, and fresh herbs & vegetables from the garden.

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